OTOP - Głos natury

BirdLife International Partner

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Founded in 1991, the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (OTOP) is a non-governmental public benefit organization dedicated to the protection of wild birds and their habitats. Our objective is the preservation of natural heritage for present and future generations. Our activities are supported by a several-thousand-strong membership and volunteer base. We are Polish Partner of BirdLife International, a global federation of bird conservation organizations.

OTOP is one of the largest wildlife conservation societies in Poland. We believe that birds add unique flavour to our lives and testify to environmental quality. We undertake activities for the protection of birds and the entirety of wildlife. To enhance the effectiveness of our actions, we focus on priority bird species, habitats and Important Bird Areas.

As BirdLife International Partner in Poland, we cooperate with numerous people and organizations at home and abroad. We raise funds so that we can carry out new conservation projects. Please feel encouraged to actively support our Society (our mission and our objectives) by volunteering with us or by financial contribution.

While it is not our intention to hamper economic progress, we believe that it ought to be balanced and achieved by sensitive management of natural resources. We prefer to fulfil our objectives by means of discussion and compromise; however, should the necessity arise we are fully prepared for confrontation withour opponents no matter how powerful they might be.